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As workplace crime becomes more sophisticated, many businesses are turning to video surveillance to assist them with identifying theft and industrial espionage. It’s one thing to be suspicious that a staff member is stealing from you and another to prove it.

Installing video cameras in your workplace could provide the evidence you require for peace of mind. We have in-depth knowledge of New Zealand Law so we can advise what the ethical boundaries are and when and where cameras can be placed.
We offer a full surveillance service for both individuals and businesses. From hidden cameras to mobile surveillance, our team of private investigators uses the latest technology to deliver the facts.



We have an expert covert surveillance team. Widely regarded for our ability to deliver results, we have built a reputation for professional service. Our surveillance methods are divided into two specialist areas:

Mobile Surveillance

Thompson and Toresen will utilise covert surveillance teams with minimal notice. Our surveillance teams can deploy covert surveillance cars, vans and motorcycles dependent on a number of variables such as the nature of the task, the area the operation will take place, the method of travel etc. On instruction, you will be assigned a team leader who will manage your case and bring it to a conclusion.
Information gathered is compiled into a formal document, which is admissible for legal proceedings. The client is also provided with an edited DVD and Image Gallery of the surveillance.

Static Surveillance

In certain circumstances, information can be obtained from a static position such as a surveillance van or a building. As with mobile surveillance, video and still photography is used to record events and are admissible in any legal proceedings.